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We're rallying to raise $25,000 this year to support the expansion of our girls' leadership programs!


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We're rallying to raise $25,000 this year to support the expansion of our girls' leadership programs!

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This year the Alice Paul Institute is striving to meet the ever-increasing demand for advocacy and empowerment with a $25,000 goal. We are determined to support our ever-expanding network of supporters to realize that one person truly can make a difference. Your financial support of API will empower our strategic efforts toward Equality, Empowerment, and Education.


In 2018, the Alice Paul Institute is founding a new Advocacy Committee. This new group of determined individuals will focus on educating and advocating for the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment, which Alice Paul authored and introduced in 1923. This constitutional amendment is needed, now more than ever, to ensure women and men have equal legal protections in the United States. With your financial support, together we continue Alice Paul's work to advance the ERA and grant women and men lasting legal equality.


This year, API is dedicated to increasing tourism to Paulsdale, the National Historic Landmark that honors the childhood home of suffragist and equal rights activist Alice Paul. Your financial donation directly supports API's efforts to promote, preserve, and protect Paulsdale, one of a landmarks in New Jersey devoted to celebrating the life of a woman. As the headquarters of the Alice Paul Institute, Paulsdale remains central to role of women in history, and in the future.


We are dedicated to continuing our efforts to meet the ever-increasing demand for our empowering girls' leadership programs. In our effort to never turn away a young girl seeking mentoring and access to college and career planning, API is implementing a strategic expansion of our signature programs for teen girls. This expansion centers upon our signature program, the Girls Advisory Council, with growth in South Jersey and the Philadelphia metropolitan region.

You make Equality, Education, and Empowerment possible with your financial support. Make a donation today! Alice Paul said, "I always feel…the movement is a sort of mosaic. Each of us puts in one little stone, and then you get a great mosaic at the end." By making a donation today, you are joining our mosaic as we fight for gender equality.

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